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{Las Vegas Fine Art Child Photographer} Seasons Are Changing

One of my very favorite times of the year is fall – I love the cooler temps, the rich, autumnal tones, the delicious flavors of the holiday season.  I’ve been busy photographing my sweet babies and wanted to share some recent favorites.  I have been neglecting my blog as of late, so hopefully this will fill people in a bit on what I’ve been up to with my photography. :)

This first image was a bit of a happy accident.  I threw this together last minute after the kids returned home from school.  I had this glorious red gown that I wanted to photograph Calista in, but hadn’t found the time or motivation to do so yet.  We arrived at my determined location late, and the pretty back light that usually peeks in through the trees was all but gone.  I snapped a few shots, but was pretty depressed thinking I got absolutely nothing worthwhile.  I am normally excited to pull the images from my card as soon as I return home from a shoot, but these images sat on the card for days.  I only uploaded them when I had another shoot on the card that I needed to grab.  BOY, was I surprised when this image leaped off the screen at me!  It is now officially one of my favorite images ever of my gorgeous daughter!


You may remember the ‘leaf baby’ photos I took of Gabriel last fall when he was just a baby.  I decided to expand on that theme this year.  Have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE autumn?


My sweet and tenderhearted little Elliott…  <3


Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-10 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-11


Now please excuse me while I switch seasons here for a minute.  I realized I had not yet shared these images from late summer, and I LOVE them – therefore, they must be posted.  We had an epic monsoon season this year and got so much needed rain!  That rain resulted in some of the most gorgeous, lush fields of flowers I have ever seen.  Yes, in the desert!


The beautiful connection between my 2 youngest babies makes my heart sing.  They truly are the best of friends. <3


This is just a small sampling of my recent work – there is much more on my Facebook Page if you’d care to take a look.  Thank you so much for taking the time to view my photography! :)

{Las Vegas Family Photographer} The P. Family

Can I just start off by saying that this is one of my favorite family sessions ever?  I love everything about it from the beautiful people, to the connections, to the locations, to the colors.  It all came together so well!  Meghan is a portrait photographer in Las Vegas herself, so I was very honored that she chose me to take their first family pictures as a family of 6.  They could not have been any sweeter or more gorgeous – what a wonderful family to work with!  Thank you again, Meghan & Oscar – I cannot wait to see what you do with your images.  I am so happy that you like them!  I look forward to our next shoot. :)

Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-01 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-02 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-03 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-04 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-05 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-06 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-07 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-08 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-09 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-10 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-11 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-12 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-13 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-14 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-15 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-16 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-17 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-18 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-19 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-20 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-21 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-22 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-23 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-24 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-25 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-26

This field of flowers?  Yes, please!  Many thanks go out to my wonderful husband for finding this location for me.  He knows what I like! :) Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-27 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-28 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-29 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-30 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-31 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-32

At the end of this session, little Benjamin needed a nursing break.  He made it through a 6 hour round trip car ride and a 3 hour shoot like it was nothing – not a single cry!  I asked mom if she would like a few nursing photos and I am SO happy that she said yes!  This is such a special and fleeting time in the mother/child relationship and I absolutely love capturing this for mothers who are willing to allow me the privilege.  Thank you, Meghan! Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-33 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-34

{Las Vegas Baby Photographer} Two of My Loves

There are not words enough to describe how much I love this image of  Calista and Gabriel.  I have had people comment that at first, they thought she was his mother.  I even had to do a double take – my sweet girl is looking so grown up!  She just celebrated her 15th birthday this month, in fact.  But the ‘she looks like his mother’ comments do not bother me as she is like a little mother hen in our family – I feel that this is a very appropriate way to depict them.  I love the intimate, simple pose and serious expressions.  I love everything about this!  Unfortunately, someone felt the need to report this photograph to the powers that be on Facebook, and over 1200 likes and nearly 100 comments were erased just like that.  This is the next best thing since Facebook cannot censor what I put on my own blog.  I love this image so much!


And to share where the inspiration for this photo came from, I created a very similar photo of Calista with her new baby sister, Octavia just over 4 years ago.  I am still insanely in love with this photo to this day!  Look how much Calista has grown up in 4 short years – wow!


A S K   M E   A N Y T H I N G