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{Las Vegas Child Photographer} My 2014 Top 25

Wow, I blinked and another year has passed.  What an amazing year it has been!  My oldest is now a senior in high school and will be off on his own in just a few short months.  The kids are all growing and changing so fast – I wish I could slow time down.  Gabriel is no longer a baby, but a busy and happy little toddler.  Everyone has grown so much this year!  We are currently in the process of purchasing the home we’ve lived in and loved up here in the mountains for the past 3 years.  We cannot wait to be homeowners again!  I made the very difficult decision about halfway through 2014 to take an indefinite break from client work in an effort to focus more on my own family.  I have no regrets – it’s been a wonderful year!  I am so excited to see what 2015 brings. :)

Normally, I put together collages sharing many favorites from the year, but this time, I decided to do things a little differently and choose my personal top 25 images of 2014 to share with you.  These are favorites for varying reasons – many are of my own children and some are not.  I love each and every one of them.  It is always so fun to go back through a year’s worth of work and see the growth and progress from previous years.  Speaking of which, you can check out my 2013 year in review HERE.  These are in no particular order – well, that’s not entirely true.  Image #1 is most definitely my top favorite for the year, but the rest are in random order.  Happy New Year everyone, and may you all have a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2015!  Bring it on!

Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-01 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-02 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-03 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-04 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-05 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-06 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-07 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-08 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-09 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-10 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-11 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-12 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-13 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-14 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-15 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-16 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-17 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-18 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-19 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-20
Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-21 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-22 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-23 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-24 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-2014-Favorites-25

{Las Vegas Child Photographer | LJHolloway Photography} Sophie

Ever since my workshop this past spring in Nashville, Tennessee, I have been wanting to get together with Miss Sophie to work with her again.  I finally got my chance recently!  She was in Las Vegas with her mother doing some commercial work and by a miracle, we were able to make our schedules meet up for one day of shooting.  Sophie has been photographed by so many amazingly talented photographers, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her a 2nd time.  I love that we were able to shoot in the stunning red rocks and desert scenery we have in our neck of the woods – something a little different for her.  Until next time… ;)

PS Stay tuned to my blog!  I will post my favorite images from 2014 TOMORROW!  You don’t want to miss it!




Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-02 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-03 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-04 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-05 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-06 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-07 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-08 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-09 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-10 Las-Vegas-Fine-Art-Child-Photographer-11

{Las Vegas Child Photographer} Mary & Ashton

I’ve so enjoyed photographing the lovely Mary over the past few years.  I did her senior pictures a couple of years back, her maternity photos, and now photos of her with her sweet baby boy, Ashton.  I always enjoy working with her – it has been so much fun watching her grow into her role as a beautiful young mother.  I wanted to capture her loving relationship with her little boy in the last bits of autumn color.

Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-01 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-02 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-03 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-04 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-05