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{Las Vegas Maternity Photographer | Las Vegas Child Photographer} Raleigh, NC Workshop

Earlier this month, I taught an amazing weekend of learning in Raleigh, North Carolina!  We worked with both a gorgeous pregnant mama for some maternity portraits and 2 beautiful little girls as our child models.  We went over all things related to natural light photography as well as post processing.  It was such an amazing weekend!  We’re back at home in Arizona now and still trying to get our schedules back on track, but I wanted to share a few of the portraits I took while in North Carolina.  Thank you SO much to my friend Nicola for hosting the workshop and opening her home up to us.  We had such an amazing trip! <3

Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-01 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-02 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-03 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-04 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-05 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-06 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-07 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-08 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-09 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-10 Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-11

{Las Vegas Portrait Photographer} Natural Light Workshop – Nashville, TN

I recently had the opportunity to travel to the beautiful Nashville TN to teach a workshop on natural light photography and post processing.  I had SO much fun!  My husband and 2 of my children were able to accompany me on my trip and we could not believe how GREEN it was there!  Coming from the brown desert, it was like an oasis.  We arrived a few days prior to the workshop so we would have time to take in some of the sights – I wish we would have had more time there.  We managed to make it to downtown Nashville, the Tennessee State Museum, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, as well as a day drive to Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains (that could have been a separate trip/vacation in and of itself).  We were all in love with Tennessee, it’s people, and it’s FOOD by the time we left.  I would love to come back someday!

Thank you SO very much to my gracious host, Tiera Betts of Tiera Fath Photography for all of her hard work and help making this workshop come together.  I couldn’t have done it without her!  She and her family were wonderful hosts – AND models as you’ll see in the images below. ;)  My workshop attendees decided on maternity and family sessions as areas of focus, and we were even able to sneak in a gorgeous child model at the last minute.  Tiera and her family stood in as our family models and I seriously don’t think we could have found a more beautiful family if we tried.  They were amazing!  Thank you also to my wonderful, sweet friend Melody Hood of Innamorata Photography for making the drive down from Chattanooga to help me out.  I love you, girl!

I had such a wonderful time working with these amazing ladies and models, and came away with wonderful memories of this workshop and our trip down south.  I miss the green already!  Can you guess what one of my favorite things about shooting in TN was?  The FIREFLIES!!  I have not seen these since I was a child.  When we finished up with Tiera’s shoot on the first evening of the workshop, the field started lighting up with little flecks of light.  Color me amazed!

Please enjoy my Nashville photos, and do not forget to email me about my Raleigh NC workshop coming up in November!

First up is our gorgeous maternity model.  In a creek.  Did I mention that there is NO water around here to shoot in?  This was SO fun!

Las-Vegas-Child-Maternity-Family-Photographer-01 Las-Vegas-Child-Maternity-Family-Photographer-02 Las-Vegas-Child-Maternity-Family-Photographer-03

Next up is the lovely Sophie.  Isn’t she beautiful?  She was a great addition to our model lineup and I’m so happy that I was able to work with her.  Thank you, Carol! <3

Las-Vegas-Child-Maternity-Family-Photographer-04 Las-Vegas-Child-Maternity-Family-Photographer-05


Las-Vegas-Child-Maternity-Family-Photographer-06 Las-Vegas-Child-Maternity-Family-Photographer-07

Our beautiful family models – my lovely host, Tiera Betts and her family!  They were AMAZING!  I love this candid outtake!










Thank you to Melody for capturing this image with my camera when I ran to my car for a tissue.  It’s one of my favorites!  I couldn’t help but add some fireflies – they were one of my favorite things about my trip. <3


You all know I couldn’t go all the way to Nashville and not capture a few images of my beautiful baby boy in this new and lush scenery.  I <3 these!

Las-Vegas-Child-Maternity-Family-Photographer-14 Las-Vegas-Child-Maternity-Family-Photographer-15

Um, can you say GOLDEN hour?


Thank you all so much for a successful workshop!  I cannot wait for my next one!  I hope you enjoyed the images. :)

{Las Vegas Portrait Photographer} The Valley of Fire Workshop

Meg Bitton and I had had this workshop planned for months – gorgeous models, jaw dropping scenery, and a lot of learning, friends, and fun.  We were a little worried about the weather to start things off.  It NEVER rains in Vegas, but it decided to get all dark and gloomy on us the day of our workshop.  As things would turn out, the dramatic skies and rain soaked red rocks made for some amazing photos.  Our models and attendees were real troopers and made a cool and chilly day into an amazing experience for everyone.  Thank you all SO much for a wonderful, successful workshop!  We hope to do it again next year and hope you can join us!

Here are a few of the images I captured during the workshop.  Enjoy! :)

Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer Las-Vegas-Child-PhotographerLas-Vegas-Child-PhotographerLas-Vegas-Child-Photographer Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer Las-Vegas-Maternity-PhotographerLas-Vegas-Maternity-PhotographerLas-Vegas-Maternity-Photographer Las-Vegas-Maternity-PhotographerLas-Vegas-Maternity-Photographer

Our awesome maternity models, despite a long and very cold day, braved downtown Fremont Street in old Vegas for us for some night photography.  I had never shot at night before using ambient city lighting, but it was so much fun and definitely a new and amazing experience!



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