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{Las Vegas Child Photographer | Kingman AZ Photographer} Springtime Beauty

Two of my very favorite things to photograph are my own sweet children, and the beautiful colors and textures provided by mother nature.  This year’s spring has been absolutely extraordinary!  Thanks to an unusually wet winter, we have had a bounty of flowers in every color imaginable coming up all over the desert.  I haven’t seen the poppies bloom in 7 years, but they were here in abundance this spring.  I also was lucky enough to stumble upon a MASSIVE field of my favorite orange globe mallows.  As if that weren’t enough, there are yellow flowers galore (everywhere you look), and I even found a field of gorgeous magenta flowers that I have never before seen in this area.  To say I’ve been spoiled is to put it mildly!

I wanted to share with you some random images I’ve taken of my children this spring so far.  Check back again as I may add more (I have a ton still to edit and have been hopping around working on them as I get extra time).  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog!  I hope that these images brighten your day. :)


{Las Vegas Child Photographer | Las Vegas Senior Photographer} Mine

Wow, am I ever behind on blogging!  I am usually pretty good about keeping my blog active and updated, but I have been slacking badly this year.  It’s my goal over the next few days to get caught up.  I wanted to share a few studio images I did of some of my own children over the winter.  I love working with natural light, so as with the vast majority of my body of work, these studio shots were taken using natural light as well.  When it is cold outside and the trees are barren and brown, sometimes moving to a studio setting can spark your inspiration again. :)  These images are (in order) of my 16 year old daughter, Calista, my 17 year old son, Clint (who happens to be graduating in a few weeks – YES, I will be doing senior pictures!), and my 22 month old son, Gabriel.  There’s not much to say here so I’ll let the photos do the talking.  Thanks for taking a peek! <3

These images aren’t technically studio shots, but I wanted to include them here as well for the sake of getting caught up, and really wanting to share these (because I love them).
I cannot believe he graduates next month!  Very bittersweet…
My sweet baby…he has brought so much joy to our family. <3

{Las Vegas Child Photographer | LJHolloway Photography} Little Mermaid

Wow, I haven’t put up a blog post since my 2014 year end favorites – I’ve been slacking and have some serious catching up to do!

We took a drive the other day to Prescott to check out the antique shops and do some landscape photos of Watson Lake.  I am currently on a landscape photography kick and will share some of my favorites in another post on another day. :)  It is so relaxing and stress relieving!

We passed by another lake on this drive and it looked incredibly interesting – the water levels were very high from the rain and snow we got this winter, and there were trees growing out of the water.  It was a beautiful 80 degree day so we decided to walk down and check it out (as a photographer, I had my ‘potential photo shoot location’ goggles on.  ;)  We had the 2 youngest girls with us and they wanted to go in the water.  We let them go in in their underwear so that their clothes would stay dry as we were now over 2 hours from home and not ready to drive back yet.  I took a short series of photos of my 5 year old in the water and am absolutely in love with them.  I have decided to remove the images from my Facebook page and instead share them on my own ‘turf’ – my blog.

I am proud of my work and absolutely stand behind it.  As always, I share images that I create that speak to me and that I love.  I adore these pictures of my sweet girl – they speak of calm, peace, oneness with nature, and have a very ethereal quality about them that speaks to my soul.  I welcome respectful commentary, but please be aware that all comments are moderated prior to appearing on my blog.  Have a beautiful day!  Don’t let ANYONE tell you what you can and cannot create, or snuff out your artistic spirit!