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{Las Vegas Portrait Photographer} Wild, Wild West

This is a story of strength, betrayal, loss, and revenge – played out in a wild west setting.  My daughter is amazing!  She rocked this shoot, and I had SO much fun doing these with her!  I really want to explore more story-telling, conceptual ideas that I have through my photography.  Even the weather fell into place.  The stormy, ominous clouds that closed in on town this day couldn’t have been more perfect if I’d planned it myself.  The creepy old haunted building (yes – haunted – verified by the owner of this building who left us there alone after finishing up work) and the wide open desert location wrapped in black storm clouds were the perfect backdrop for this old west tale.  And with that, I’ll let the photos do the talking.  Enjoy, and thank you so much for visiting my blog!

Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-01 Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-02 Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-03 Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-04 Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-05 Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-06 Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-07 Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-08 Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-09 Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-10

The sun always shines again after the rain.  We were treated to this beautiful monsoon sunset after our shoot.  I couldn’t put up this blog entry without including it. :)


{Las Vegas Family Photographer} My Beautiful Children

I’ve always been taken with simple, soulful portraits taken with beautiful lighting.  What started out as some solo images of my youngest little girl, Octavia (I may share these later) morphed into a sisters and brothers series.  I am absolutely in love with both of these images and YES, they will be printed and hung with pride on my wall.  I imagine them as heirloom pieces that their grandchildren, great grand children and beyond will look at to see what their ancestors looked like.  I wanted to share.  Those of you who have followed my work for some time will probably be amazed at how much they’ve grown over the years.  I often get asked how I manage it all – 10 children and a photography business.  The fact of the matter is that I have had to make some serious cutbacks, and am now only taking the VERY rare client session and focusing on my family (priority #1) and my teaching.  And because I also get asked for names and ages – here you go!  From oldest to youngest we have Clint (17 next month), Calista (15 1/2), Damien (13), Theron (11), Adrian (8 in August), Quentin (7 next month), Camille (6), Octavia (5 TODAY!), Elliott (2 1/2), and Gabriel (1 tomorrow!).  I love images that give you a glimpse of someone’s soul, and I think that is why I am so drawn to these.  Thank you for taking the time to look.  This is my pride and joy, right here.  :)

Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-01 Las-Vegas-Family-Photographer-02

{Las Vegas Portrait Photographer} Calista

I’ve been missing shooting for myself – shooting whatever I want with no expectations.  I had SO much fun doing these dramatic portraits of my eldest daughter.  These are simple, raw, and gritty – nothing at play here but light and shadow.  No gimmicks, no props, no strobes.  Just my beautiful girl, natural light, and me and my camera.  I forgot how much I missed shooting like this and am excited to explore this some more.  I hope you enjoy the pictures. :)

Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-01 Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-02 Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-03 Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-04 Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-05

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