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{Las Vegas Senior Photographer} Autumn | Sweet Sixteen

Autumn and her family recently made the 8 hour trek from Sierra Vista, Arizona to the Valley of Fire just outside of Las Vegas for her ‘Sweet Sixteen’ shoot – we had such an amazing time!  Autumn is such a sweet, gorgeous girl and was flat out model material in front of the camera.  We got so many amazing shots!  It won’t be long at all and I’ll be doing her senior session.  I cannot wait!  Thank you so much Autumn and Chrisanne for a wonderful afternoon.  I had so much fun doing these for you!

Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Autumn-02 Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Autumn-01 Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Autumn-08 Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Autumn-05 Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Autumn-06 Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Autumn-07 Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Autumn-09

{Las Vegas Portrait Photographer} The Snow Princess

This shoot was SO much fun!  My good friend Jamie Rubeis of Jamie Rubeis Photography and I have been planning a snow princess shoot for months now.  Our beautiful model came all the way to us in Arizona from Kansas.  We had a blast doing this, and the location we found near Flagstaff was absolute perfection!  Jamie and I are already planning another shoot in February, and I cannot wait.  These are some of my favorite sessions to do – so much fun!

Here are a couple of my favorite images from this shoot.

Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-01 Las-Vegas-Portrait-Photographer-02

{Las Vegas Senior Photographer} Torrey | Kingman High School – Class of 2014

What can I say about Torrey – she is absolutely STUNNING (obviously), but she has the brains to go with it too!  She wants to be a marine biologist, loves Star Wars, Ancient Egypt, and swims on the swim team.  Her family came along on her shoot and I just loved them all – I felt like I’d known them for ages. :)  Oddly enough, *I* also am fascinated with Ancient Egypt, love Star Wars, and was a swimmer from grade school up until I graduated from high school, so I instantly felt a connection with Torrey.  Torrey, I have no doubt that you are going to do amazing things in your life.  I had such a wonderful time meeting you and your family, and doing your senior photos for you.  I love this shoot and am probably over-sharing here, but I just cannot narrow them down!  The Valley of Fire never fails to disappoint, but when you have a gorgeous model to grace this stunning landscape, it makes it that much more amazing.  Enjoy! Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer01

Torrey made this headdress herself – isn’t it amazing?  I love the colors in these! Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer02 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer03 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer04 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer05 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer06 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer07 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer08 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer09 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer10 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer11 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer12 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer13 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer14 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer15 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer16 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer17 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer18 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer19 Torrey-Las-Vegas-Senior-Photographer-Kingman-Senior-Photographer20