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Lisa Holloway photographs a beautiful little girl in a sunny, yellow field of flowers outside Las Vegas Nevada.

“In June of 2012, I had the pleasure of attending a one-on-one mentorship with Lisa Holloway of Kingman, AZ. I had been a fan of Lisa for quite some time, after discovering her breathtaking work on the I Love Photography online forum back in early 2011. Lisa’s flawless images are crisp, clean, tack sharp and she produces the most rich color of any photographer I have seen. You can immediately look at one of her images and say, “That is a Lisa Holloway portrait.”

I must admit I was a little wary at first, because although she seemed nice enough to others on the ILP forum, it seems that some professionals of her caliber are anything but friendly in real life. I truly had nothing to fear. From her first email to our first dinner out, Lisa was kind, patient, thoughtful and listened intently to what I had to say. If I wasn’t so tired from my travels on day one we probably would have chatted into the early morning hours (well, that and we had a shoot at 6 am the next morning!).

Lisa had asked what I wanted to shoot beforehand, so on the morning of the first day we photographed three beautiful teenage girls. I honestly don’t know how she always manages to find the most gorgeous people!

During the shoot we discussed locations, posing, camera setting and different approaches to using certain lenses. I suppose what was the most helpful was just watching another photographer work through the process. It relaxed me, gave me confidence and I discovered there were quite a few things I was doing right. But she taught me to relax, to be more thoughtful in my delivery and execution, showed me it was okay to say, “The light isn’t working here,” to remain calm and to always be in control of the shoot.

As an example, there was one location Lisa had in mind that she thought would be perfect, but after a few tests shots, changed her mind. Instead of leading the client through an entire series of unnecessary, poorly-lit shots to save face, she was honest with them and we moved on. How many photographers would have stayed, just to take a few, to avoid looking foolish? I know I would have. But in truth, Lisa didn’t look foolish. It made her more in control, it heightened the clients’ trust.

The afternoon was spent editing the images from the morning. Lisa was an open book. We walked step-by-step through several photos and Lisa taught me all her “tricks.” I simply couldn’t write fast enough. Be warned, though, Lisa is a consummate perfectionist. She corrected parts of images that I hadn’t even begun to take notice of. However, it is this eye for detail that makes Lisa so highly respected and followed in the photography world.

Lisa had lined up a fabulous family for the evening. Fellow photographers themselves, it was a thrill for me to be working with such talented people. Lisa is organized and has shots and locations laid out in her head before the shoot, but she is also incredibly fluid and isn’t afraid to change things up or try something new on the fly. We shot until the sun settled behind the Arizona hills.

The second day was spent editing, chatting, and Lisa answering any question I could throw at her. Absolutely nothing was off the table, Lisa was candid, honest and a patient teacher. I really should mention at this point that her family is adorable! Her kids are really as cute as they appear in photos, and her husband was such a genial host. They sincerely are just an All-American family! Lisa is so normal that it almost throws you off at first!

Not to gush, but it was difficult to leave Arizona. I honestly could have followed Lisa around on shoots for days more. I felt a kinship with her, like I had known Lisa for years. She is truly that gracious and approachable. Her gifts and talents to the art of photography are no secret and she definitely comes to it with an undeniable natural ability that many yearn to have. I aim to be as great as her some day. I am often frustrated by my seemingly slow progress, but when I am, I think back to a conversation Lisa and I shared. She told me that she has chosen not to delete any of her earliest images because she is proud of them, proud of her accomplishments and how far she has come, and that I should be too. I tuck that advice in my back pocket for those rough days when I question my abilities as a photographer. My work may never equal Lisa’s, but I will never stop trying and will continue to thank her for being a fundamental part of my thrilling, wonderful journey.” -Megan Myrick

“Lisa, thank you for an incredible weekend! Not only did I learn so many amazing things from you, but I made a new friend in the process. I couldn’t ask for a more attentive, patient, professional and talented mentor. I appreciate it all- Thank you, thank you! ” -Lisa Pittman

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