Testimonials – What Some of LJHolloway Photography’s Clients Are Saying…


“All of Lisa’s photography stands alone.  Her images pull you in and always possess a simple warmth and natural beauty that is truly breathtaking.  Being a family of 6, I was a bit nervous about how she would be able to capture a decent picture of each one of us (4 kids – ages 10-1years old), but of course I was just thrilled with what she presented us with.  Her choice for the location of the shoot was exactly the style and theme we were hoping for.  She really paid close attention to what type of photograph we desired.   Also, my youngest 2 children were not the most cooperative subjects,  but Lisa was completely relaxed and calm during the shoot and found creative ways to engage the kids.  I was also surprised at how quickly she had our gallery up for us – within a week from our shoot (5 days, I believe).  We highly recommend LJ Holloway Photography – she truly goes above and beyond to provide you with exactly what you are looking for!!” – Jamie L.

A beautiful family poses outdoors near a pond in Las Vegas for their fall family pictures with LJHolloway Photography.

“As photographers ourselves, it’s always hard to find a photographer that really exceeds your expectations.  Lisa is brilliant and did a fantastic job on our family portraits.  There isn’t another photographer within 200 miles that we’d trust to capture the most important moments of our family’s lives!  Keep up the amazing work, Lisa.” – Jason M.

A stylish family stands on the beautiful rock cliffs near Las Vegas for a family portrait with Lisa Holloway.

“Our family was fortunate enough to be referred to LJHolloway Photography just as we were bringing our first baby into the world. Lisa has taken our family photos ever since and we treasure the photos.  She has given us as some of our greatest possessions.  She made us feel so comfortable from the start and she was able to capture beautiful photos even when our baby girl was being difficult.  Her editing style is truly unique and gorgeous.  She can make the most ordinary of settings look beautiful.  If you have the opportunity to have her take your family photos don’t miss it. I can’t thank Lisa enough for saving the memories for us of days that have passed too quickly.” – Ronne P.

A cute little girl sits on a bed for her picture near Las Vegas wearing a pretty dress.

“Well,  there isn’t much to add about Lisa’s work that you wouldn’t know by looking through her portfolio.  Lisa’s work is phenomenal.  Well worth every penny.  I wanted to take the time to comment on our photoshoot.  Lisa is very warm and welcoming.  she made it easy for the nerves to drift away.  She was amazing at capturing our family’s personalities.  Especially that of our 2yr old who is an introvert by heart.  Lisa was so calm and patient with him.  She was even able to get him to give her a little smile. I truly enjoyed our time being photographed.  Lisa has a genuine heart and really cares to deliver the best for her clients.   And a mini review of her assistant(Calista): Calista was a treat to have on the photoshoot.  She was up to getting silly with our boys.  She was great at helping to light my husband,  who is 6’6 so it wasn’t an easy task!  Suffice to say; I love seeing her gorgeous work on our walls,  and have received a lot of compliments.  We will definitely be using Lisa in the future. ” – Jazmin F.

Little Boy with curly hair laying on the ground in a field near Las Vegas.
“Lisa was so patient with my little ones. It’s never easy to get a group picture with a two year old- add a couple more tots & and a newborn and it’s especially challenging! Lisa was up for the challenge!  I requested something simple & classic & oh my, did she deliver!” – Cortney K.

3 sisters holding their baby siser, the sisters are all wearing pink and the baby is in a white onesie.

“I have had professional pictures done twice before, once for my wedding by a photographer based out of Phoenix, and the last time was just recently this summer, by Lisa Holloway.  Both photographer’s prices were completely comparable, but I chose Lisa because I was looking for images with crisp, bright colors, and I saw that in her portfolio.

On the day of the shoot, I was not disappointed.  She was so friendly, which made my family and I feel at ease.  I loved her choice of locations, too — so unique, unlike any other photographer I had seen!  I especially loved how she chose to shoot outdoors in natural light.

The finished product was absolutely breathtaking!!!!  These pictures have since become some of my most prized possessions!

I will definitely be using her again in the future.  The price I paid for her services equaled the product I received, and I would be willing to pay that again in a heartbeat!” – Heidi B.

Newborn Baby in a cloth on the right with his arm stretched over his head laying down, on the right laying under a purple tree sleeping near Las Vegas.

“We have had the opportunity to do two photo sessions with LJHolloway.  Each session has been fun, and completely professional.  While I agree that her prices can be a bit higher than the local comparable rates, I also can say I have used other photographers and wasted money on lackluster results.  I learned the hard way to save up for quality.  I have never received one bad product from Lisa, and as a mom to a special needs child I cannot applaud Lisa enough for her patience and general happy attitude toward working with my challenging son.  The fact is that Lisa does amazing work, and really has taken a lot of time to fine tune her craft and art.  She turns a simple photo shot, into something you will cherish forever.” -Amanda V.

A curly haired boy looking directly into the camera with bright blue eyes.

“Lisa’s work far surpassed our expectations. After moving to Kingman from Phoenix, we were not certain we would be able to find a photographer in town to do our yearly family pictures.  To my surprise, Lisa’s work was better than the professional photographers we had utilized in the Phoenix area.  Her talent is both in the actual photography however also in the digital enchantments which is a talents in and of itself.  The pictures we received were simply breathtaking and we look forward to using her time and time again to capture our growing family. I highly recommend Lisa whether you are in Kingman, Phoenix or the Vegas area.  Her work is outstanding!” -Lora C.

A mother and a father holding their little girl have their family photograph taken by LJHolloway Photography in the autumn leaves.

“Lisa is an extremely talented photographer, but on top of that, she is an amazing mother!  Her mothering and caring skills shine through when taking newborn pictures.  She doesn’t care how long it takes; she wants to get a great shot and make sure the baby is comfortable.  Who could ask for more than that?  I cherish these pictures!  They are only this small for a very short time.” – Robin W.

A little girl sitting on a box in autumn foliage with a headband that is yellow and orange near Las Vegas.

“Lisa is fabulous and knows how to connect with her clients.  By the end of our session my 4 year old son didn’t want to leave because he just wanted to hang out with her.  Not only does she know how to take fantastic pictures but she also is unsurpassed in her editing ability.  It’s not too much but just enough to make it come to life and bring you back to that day.” -Julie B.

A little boy sitting in an old truck that is rusted, wearing a leather jacket an white undershirt, looking out the window.

“4 years ago I received a Christmas present from a family member for a session with Lisa Holloway, now I make a point to put away money for a Lisa session instead of a rainy days. We have had the pleasure of having four sessions with Lisa and each one has been professional and unique. I do have to say I walk away feeling like my kids didn’t bring their “picture faces” so to speak, and when I see the picture I am speechless. She is so talented and is a master of her field. If you are in need of a one of a kind portraits, with a gifted photographer, give Lisa a call. She is very easy to work with and comes up with memories that last for a life time. She is easy to work with, and she is fantastic with children. I cherish my family pictures, you should too.” – Jessie V.

A black and white image of a young girl looking up at the camera

“What can I say about this wonderful and professional photographer!!! I met Lisa about a year ago and she has done the most breathtaking photographs of my daughter. We love her attitude and her professional but relaxed attitude. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to get more photos done. I LOVE her work and would recommend her to anyone that is looking for the best of the best!!!!” -Tedi K.

A young girl wearing a light blue dress standing between red rocks with her right hand on the side of her face and her left hand on her left hip.

“Lisa is a talented photographer who seamlessly captured the precious details of our baby boy.  She does all her work in natural light and is able to make the images look warm and the baby look natural.  Her work is priceless! “ – Aleasha V.

Newborn baby boy laying on a rug with a knitted blanket covering him.

“Lisa is truly an artist.  I love how she captures the natural beauty and personality of her subjects.  She makes it all seem so easy which I’m sure is not.” – Jacquie M.

A black and white image of a freckled face girl with a flower in her hair looking at the camera.

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